The granddaddy of anti-war novels! Only the first two-thirds of The Red Badge of Courage precedes it.


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Like Diogenes, Švejk lingers at the margins of an unfriendly society against which he is defending his independent existence. "Švejking" is the method for surviving "švejkárna", which is a situation or institution of systemic absurdity requiring the employment of "švejking" for one to survive and remain untouched by it.


Authors whose books were burned in 1933


Švejk's Spirit Lives On

A sketch performed by the inimitable duo Jiří  "George" Voskovec and Jan Werich at the antifascist rally titled We Fight Back, held at Hunter College on  April 3, 1943. The rally was organized to commemorate the anniversary of the infamous Nazi book-burning at which "The Good Soldier Švejk" was among the books being burnt. For Bertolt Brecht who attended the rally, having seen the performance of  Švejk's Spirit Lives On meant that the "...[g]athering momentum toward something definite finally crystallized ..." and "[b]y mid-May Brecht had completed a story outline for Schweyk im zweiten Weltkrieg (Schweyk in the Second World War), and Weill had written some of the songs."


Švejk's Holocaust Connection

Kafka v. Hašek


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